Cruising Scotland to the Faroe Islands and Iceland

Program Overview

Discover the lands of the Vikings and Gaels on this 10-day itinerary combining the treasures of Scotland and Iceland. Cruise for eight nights from Glasgow to Reykjavík aboard the exclusively chartered, five-star Le Bellot, featuring only 92 suites and staterooms. Marvel at the 5,000-year-old Neolithic ruins of the Standing Stones of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis. Experience the beauty of the Inner Hebridean Isles and visit the breathtaking archipelago of the Faroe Islands. Enjoy an excursion to Iceland’s Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and cruise along UNESCO-inscribed Surtsey Island. Edinburgh and Glasgow Pre-Program and Reykjavík and the Golden Circle Post-Program Options.

Program Details

May 28 to June 6, 2022 (Le Bellot)
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  • Unique and exclusive travel program from Scotland to Iceland, featuring the Faroe Islands, created in the Gohagan & Company tradition of innovative and educational travel.
  • Cruise in the wake of the Vikings and Gaels on this eight-night voyage aboard the exclusively chartered, five-star Le Bellot, featuring only 92 suites and staterooms.
  • Visit the breathtaking archipelago of the Faroe Islands and Scotland’s seldom-visited Inner Hebridean Islands.
  • Excursions to smaller ports inaccessible to larger vessels—Callanish, Tvøroyri, Tórshavn, and Heimaey.
  • A rare opportunity to visit the 5,000-year-old Neolithic ruins of the Standing Stones of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis.
  • Excursion to Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, in UNESCO World Heritage-designated Vatnajoküll National Park.
  • Cruise along Iceland’s Surtsey, one of Earth’s youngest islands and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Educational lectures aboard ship; learn from locals about Scottish, Faroese, and Icelandic cultures.
  • Edinburgh and Glasgow Pre-Program Option and Reykjavík and the Golden Circle Post-Program Option.

Day 1 - Depart the U.S. or Canada

Day 2 - Arrive in Glasgow, Scotland / Embark Le Bellot

Day 3 - Tobermory, Isle of Mull / Isle of Iona

Day 4 - Stornoway, Isle of Lewis for Callanish

Day 5 - Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Day 6 - Tórshavn / Vestmanna

Day 7 - Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean

Day 8 - Djúpivogur, Iceland, for Jökulsárlón

Day 9 - Heimaey, Westman Islands / Cruise along Surtsey Island

Day 10 - Reykjavík / Disembark ship / Return to the U.S. or Canada

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The Le Bellot

Exclusively Chartered, Five-Star Luxury Small Ship

The Le Bellot, launched in 2020, represents a new generation of five-star small ships, combining revolutionary design and a new standard of luxury for unparalleled cruising. Dock in smaller ports inaccessible to larger ships, where authentic cultural experiences and majestic scenery await you.

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Edinburgh–Glasgow Pre-Program Option

Explore two of Scotland’s great cities intertwined with Celtic history. In Edinburgh, tour the medieval Old Town and Neoclassical New Town—both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. See the Crown Jewels of Scotland on a visit to the legendary Edinburgh Castle and enjoy a special viewing at the renowned Museum of Scotland. Explore Glasgow’s 12th-century cathedral and the captivating St. Mungo Museum, named after a patron saint who brought the Christian faith to Scotland in the 6th century. Spend two nights in the five-star Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh—The Caledonian.

Reykjavík and the Golden Circle Post-Program Option

The captivating city of Reykjavík and its surrounding natural wonders provide you with the perfect conclusion to Iceland. Tour the legendary Golden Circle—UNESCO World Heritage-designated Þingvellir National Park, the thundering terraced cataract of Gullfoss and Strokkur, possibly the world’s most iconic fountain geyser. Enjoy stunning panoramas from the futuristic glass dome of the Perlan (“the Pearl”) and discover the museum’s immersive exhibits on volcanoes, earthquakes, and geothermal zones. Accommodations are for two nights in the deluxe Hotel Borg.

Pre-Program and Post-Program Options are available at additional cost. Details will be provided with your reservation confirmation.

Specially arranged guest speaker, Dr. Colin Richards is Professor of Archaeology at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland. He is a leading expert on stone circles, specializing in the Neolithic period in Orkney.

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Program Itinerary

Day 1 Departure

Your trip will begin by departing the U.S. or Canada.

Day 2 Glasgow, Scotland

Arrive in Glasgow, Scotland, famed for its elegant Victorian homes, public buildings, and a storied trade and shipbuilding history. Embark the five-star Le Bellot.

Day 3, Morning Isle of Iona

This morning, cruise to the Hebridean Isle of Iona, the birthplace of Christianity in Scotland. In A.D. 563, the Irish monk Columba founded a monastery here, where scribes would spend their lives painstakingly copying religious tracts and transcribing ancient Celtic sagas. Stroll through the serene, restored abbey and see the churchyard’s intricate Celtic crosses.

Day 3, Afternoon Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Steeped in Viking myth and Celtic lore, the Isle of Mull is a land of extraordinary beauty, with pink granite cliffs, white-sand beaches, and clear, blue waters. Occupied since the Ice Age and known to the classical Greeks, the island’s mysterious moors are studded with Iron-Age duns, brochs, and menhirs that recall the Hebridean Island’s rich prehistory. Go ashore at the picturesque port of Tobermory, the island’s capital, where brightly painted houses are nestled between woodland-fringed hills and the boat-filled harbor. Enjoy the afternoon at leisure.

Attend the Captain’s Welcome Reception on board the ship this evening.

Day 4 Callanish

Visit the Standing Stones of Callanish. Among Scotland’s best-preserved ruins, the stones form a cross shape and predate Stonehenge. Although no known reason for their existence remains, historians and archaeologists speculate that the Standing Stones were once a setting for ritual activities and astronomical observances.

Discover 2,000 years of history with a visit to Dun Carloway Pictish Broch, one of the best-preserved of its kind in the Hebrides. Designed for defense and protection with two concentric walls of stone and an inner staircase, these Iron Age structures were once a symbol of status and power.

Continue north to see the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village, a restored settlement of stone, thatched-roof cottages where Highlanders shared living quarters with their livestock from the late 1800s through the early 20th century. After lunch on board the ship, explore the lavishly appointed Lews Castle, a Victorian gem built in the mid-1800s, and enjoy magnificent views of Stornoway from Gallows Hill.

Day 5 Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Enjoy breakfast and educational lectures onboard the ship this morning. This afternoon, arrive in Tvøroyri, Suduroy Island, one of the most breathtaking of the Faroe Islands. Experience the awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife of this seldom-visited haven before paying a visit to a black wooden Faroese church, built in 1847 with a traditional Faroese turf roof. Continue to admire the sheer cliffs that rise from the island’s west coast and the luscious green fields dotted with grazing sheep that frame the Akraberg lighthouse. The perfect sight for birdwatching, look for puffins, kittiwakes, gannets, and migrating warblers.

Day 6 Tórshavn

Disembark in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, and enjoy a morning excursion to Kirkjubour. The oldest cultural center of the Faroe Islands, the village is home to the ruins of the 13th-century St. Magnus Cathedral. Visit the cathedral’s remnants and the 900-year-old Roykstovan, the bishopric known as the oldest wooden house in Europe.

After lunch on board the ship, continue to Kollafjordur to visit another traditional Faroese church and see the Duvugardar national heritage museum in the remote village of Saksun. The original stone farmhouse and outbuildings illustrate what farm life was like for Faroese farmers more than 200 years ago.

Day 7 Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean

Enjoy panoramic views of the glistening Atlantic seascape and enjoy educational onboard lectures.

Day 8 Jökulsárlón

This morning, anchor in the charming harbor of Djúpivogur. Originally settled in the 16th-century by German merchants and traders, today the tranquil town is a member of Cittaslow, “an international network of cities where living is good.” Enjoy the scenic and peaceful beauty of the snow-capped mountains that rise amidst the verdant grassy plains.

Continue to Jökulsárlón located within UNESCO World Heritage-designated Vatnajoküll National Park. There, enjoy a glacier lagoon excursion and watch as large sheets of ice calve into the lagoon. On a clear day, search for the peak of Vatnajokull—Iceland’s largest ice cap—in the distance. Spot seals frolicking amongst blocks of surrounding ice floes that mark the way out to sea. Embark specially designed boats for a private cruise and the unforgettable a chance to touch ice blocks broken from Breidamerkurjökull, one of Vatnajoküll’s many glacier outlets.

Day 9 Heimaey, Westman Islands

Arrive at the Westman Islands, just off the south coast of Iceland. Visit Heimaey Island, the largest of the Westman Islands, for a tour of the Eldheimar Museum. See the lava fields of Fire Mountain (Eldfell), known as the “Pompeii of the North,” where the 1973 Eldfell volcano eruption is chronicled. Visit the Herjólfsdalur valley and explore its Viking ruins.

Cruise along the coast of Surtsey Island, one of the youngest islands on Earth and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ecological significance. This unique untouched biome has remained free of human interference since its inception and remains an important study and source of information on the development and colonization of new plant and animal life. Search for orca as you pass the rock islands of Geldunger and Sulnasker, home to tens of thousands of Northern Gannets.

Attend the Captain’s Farewell Reception onboard the ship this evening.

Day 10 Reykjavík / Return to U.S. or Canada

Disembark in picturesque Reykjavík, the central hub in tracing Iceland’s Viking history. Continue on the Reykjavík and the Golden Circle Post-Program Option or transfer to the airport for your return flight to the U.S. or Canada.