Before You Go: FAQ

We hope you are getting excited about your upcoming journey. Here are some answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t see what you are looking for on this list, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Passenger Care Team. That’s what we’re here for!

I have made a personal (or medical/religious) decision not to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Can I still travel with Gohagan & Company?

While some of our cruise line partners still require a minimum of two vaccine doses plus one booster, COVID-19 restrictions are easing around the world. Unvaccinated travelers are now able to participate in some of our programs. You will be advised of the required vaccinations for your travel program and any related Health & Safety protocols for the country(ies) you are visiting prior to departure.

Is there an emergency number I can call if I can’t get in touch with the ship, hotel, or members of my traveling party?

Yes. Our Air Department is on call for air emergencies at 312-395-0717. On the ground, your Travel Director will be happy to assist you. Their contact information will be provided in your Final Documents as well as your Final Transfer Information Sheet.

In addition to the final documents provided by Gohagan & Company, what else should be in my carry-on luggage?

  • Passport
  • COVID-19 vaccination card
  • Air itinerary and plane tickets and/or E-ticket receipts
  • Cell phone
  • Cash in small amounts for tips and incidentals
  • Travel insurance provider’s emergency telephone number and your policy number
  • Baggage claim stubs for checked baggage
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks, face shields and/or gloves
  • Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes

What should I do with the baggage tags that were sent? Does each piece of my luggage need this special tag?

Baggage tags will be sent to you 30 days prior to the program departure date. Please be certain to attach the Gohagan & Company baggage tags that you received to each piece of your luggage. Baggage tags will identify your luggage as belonging to a participant in this travel program and will assist the Travel Program Director(s) and hotel and ship staff, on your arrival, with luggage handling and transfers.

If most meals and excursions are included in the tour, what other expenses should I plan for?

Even with an all-inclusive fare, there will be incidental expenses, such as:

  • Transportation between your home and airport of departure/return
  • Meals not included in the travel program
  • Beverage/food selections you may choose to make that are not included in the travel program
  • Optional excursion(s) or individual outings
  • Gratuities not included in the travel program
  • COVID-19 testing fees prior to return to the U.S.

What is the best way to manage these expenses and other purchases when abroad? How do I make sure I get the best exchange rate?

Our experienced team has the following suggestions for managing your money overseas:

  • If you plan to use your credit card or ATM card in another country, notify the issuing credit card company or bank prior to departure. Also, write down the toll-free number to your credit card company or bank in a separate location in case your card is stolen or lost.
  • Make arrangements in advance with a relative or friend to be a designated contact should an emergency leave you short of cash. Alternatively, a major credit card can often be used to arrange a cash advance.
  • Use ATMs that are attached to a bank branch for the safest transactions. To avoid risk of fraud, avoid standalone ATMs and monitor your account balances regularly throughout your trip. Immediately report any suspicious or unusual activity to your financial institution.
  • Be prepared for the exchange rate to fluctuate between the time of purchase and time of processing. For up-to-date currency exchange information as your departure date approaches, we suggest you consult this or other currency converters online.

What can I expect for cell phone coverage when traveling abroad?

Cell phones work almost everywhere. Just be sure you have an international call plan that allows you to send and receive both text and email messages in the countries you will be visiting. Some service providers offer international packages and rates on an
as-needed basis.

How is the Wi-Fi and internet access on board or at the hotel property?

Complimentary internet access is provided during the cruises. However, communication via satellite is a significantly different experience compared to high-speed connections on shore.

Please also note the following:

  • Onboard internet or Wi-Fi access is inconsistent and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Satellite communications are also affected by weather and the ship’s location. Thus, there may be temporary outages of any satellite-connected service, including internet connections, cellular telephones, onboard phones, television broadcast channels and world news summaries.
  • Considering the limits of satellite bandwidth, certain websites and services may be restricted, and internet access should be used only for email and web browsing. Certain online activities (e.g. streaming video, downloading large files, video chatting) require high bandwidth and may be more frustrating than enjoyable.
  • Tablet users should note that most onboard systems do not support 3G/4G/5G technology; the only option for accessing the internet on board on your tablet is via Wi-Fi, and the satellite signal fluctuates. Because tablets assign little battery power to their internal signal, it is likely you will experience interruptions or may not be able to connect at all. Laptop users will have more success connecting to the Wi-Fi on board.

Will I Need Electric Converters?

Standard electric current in North America is 120 volts but may be different on the ship and in hotels abroad. Most ships and hotels have converters available but you can purchase your own at most drug or department stores or travel supply retailers.

I’m traveling solo. Can you help me find someone to share my room with?

If you reserved as a single participant but prefer to share accommodations, we will do our best to accommodate your request. If we find someone, you will be notified and an adjustment will be made to your account, if you accept the arrangement. Note that if we are unable to arrange shared accommodations by the final payment date for your travel program, or if your roommate cancels, the single supplement will apply and your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

I’m a smoker. What is the policy on smoking?

Out of consideration for fellow participants, we ask that participants refrain from smoking when the group is together. Please be aware that attitudes toward smoking frequently differ abroad and in some countries, people may smoke in locales where smoking is not permitted in the United States/Canada. All motorcoaches are smoke-free.

What happens if my luggage didn’t arrive at my final destination?

First, be sure to complete a lost luggage report before you leave the airport. It is imperative that you keep a copy of the completed report to assist you in following up with the airline(s) on locating your luggage.

If you know the Travel Program Director is waiting for your arrival, please contact him or her immediately, then proceed to fill out your lost luggage report.

Who should I go to if there is an emergency on the trip?

Let your Travel Program Director or cruise/hotel staff know right away. They will be able to contact the Gohagan & Company office in the United States immediately and, if requested, will contact your association and designated emergency contact(s).

What else do Travel Program Directors do?

Travel Program Directors serve as your group’s personal concierge and can assist with any request you might have throughout the tour—maintaining a Gohagan & Company Hospitality Desk that’s devoted to your satisfaction and enjoyment of the program.

The Travel Program Director’s responsibilities also include the supervision of luggage handling and briefing you on the daily events and timetables during the travel program. In addition, he/she will assist with transportation logistics at the beginning and end of your travel program. The name and a short biography of each Travel Program Director on your travel program will be provided in the final documents you receive before departure.

What is the best way to keep track of the weather at my destination(s)?

Regardless of which country or countries you’re visiting, weather is subject to change. We suggest you consult weather.com for the latest weather and ten-day forecasts.