Travel Insurance

Although it is not a requirement, we strongly recommend that all our travelers purchase Travel Insurance concurrently with booking a tour. The purchase of travel insurance can be time-sensitive, as it applies to the recent booking date of your travel reservation. If you’ve already purchased travel insurance, please be sure it reflects the correct departure date. 

What is Travel Insurance?

Similar to other types of insurance policies, Travel Insurance covers many expenses you may incur prior to departure and/or while on tour.

Why do I need it?

Think of Travel Insurance as peace of mind—providing much-needed coverage if your trip is delayed and/or cancelled for any reason. It also covers you in the event you require medical attention at any time while abroad (per the U.S. Department of State, many insurances, including Medicare, do not cover medical expenses outside the United States).

How do I find the best Travel Insurance policy?

You may get more information about how to purchase comprehensive Travel Insurance through Gohagan & Company. Options may also be available through your sponsoring organization or association.

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