Health & Safety

The safety and security of our travelers remain our highest priority. Consistent with our commitment to the well-being of our guests, we are implementing the following enhanced precautions and protocols to help protect the health of our participants, while still providing an enriching and enjoyable travel experience.

Our guidelines evolve as needed and are designed in accordance with recommendations set forth by worldwide travel and health agencies, including the U.S. Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and/or the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories. Specific protocols and procedures may change over time to adapt to the travel regulations in each of the destinations in which we operate.

Vaccination Requirements & Health Checks

Vaccination requirements will vary per program as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted by our cruise line partners and the countries we visit. Some cruise lines may require a full vaccination of three doses while some may have no vaccination requirements at all. Cruise lines may also require passengers to submit to a rapid COVID-19 test prior to boarding flights or ships or complete a mandatory health questionnaire prior to boarding for certain programs. Additional entry requirements related to COVID-19 may be imposed by foreign governments as well. You will be advised of all the latest requirements prior to departure and updated on any changes.

Personal Protective Equipment

Passengers may choose to wear a protective mask that covers both the nose and mouth when indoors in public venues and outdoors in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained. It is recommended that passengers bring several masks with them. Gohagan Travel Directors will have a limited supply on hand if needed. You may also want to consider bringing a supply of disposable gloves for group tour excursions.

Hand Sanitizing

Washing hands and frequent use of hand sanitizer can’t be stressed enough. We suggest carrying an ample supply of hand sanitizer with you. We will also have hand sanitizer available as you board and disembark coaches. Cruise ships will have touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers strategically placed throughout the ship for regular application.

Travel Directors

Before each tour, our Travel Directors will follow the same COVID-19 travel guidelines as our guests to ensure everyone’s health and safety. They are trained on our enhanced health and safety protocols. They are supported 24/7 by our local overseas representatives, who are well-equipped to handle on-trip issues. They have extensive local knowledge to help navigate your destination safely. Travel Directors, local guides and coach drivers will wear face masks when with guests.

Enhanced Cleaning Standards

We are proud to have a longstanding and highly respected relationship with our suppliers, including cruise lines, hotels, guides and transportation providers. These suppliers know our exacting standards and have been fully vetted to make sure they agree to comply with all local regulations regarding health and hygiene. All the suppliers included in our tours have advised up that they have introduced new cleanliness standards and disinfecting procedures for rooms and common areas alike that meet the recommended guidelines.

Passenger Responsibility

When joining a Gohagan & Company program, every participant is responsible for his or her own health. All participants must follow the direction of their Travel Director and local staff and adhere to all health and safety protocols.

Returning Home

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the United States State Department no longer require a negative COVID-19 test before returning to the U.S. from most locations. However, participants flying out of China, Hong Kong, or Macau are required to present a negative COVID-19 test result, taken no more than 2 days before travel, prior to boarding. For more information, please review the CDC’s guidelines at www.cdc.gov.

Please continue to check with your Passenger Services Coordinator for the most up-to-date health and safety regulations and procedures.