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EWU Alumni Association's Alumni Adventures is an exclusive travel program designed specifically for our alumni to explore, discover, and create lasting memories around the globe. This program is a testament to our commitment to fostering lifelong connections and providing enriching experiences beyond the boundaries of our campus. It’s an opportunity for you to embark on captivating journeys, reconnect with fellow alumni, and immerse yourself in diverse cultures while enjoying specially curated itineraries.

Travel is considered a continuing education program and provides alumni and friends an opportunity to learn more about Eastern Washington University and the benefits of being a part of the Alumni Association. The program affords participants the chance to maintain contact with the university while learning about international and domestic locations among the camaraderie of fellow alumni and friends. Our tours help establish and strengthen relationships between alumni and friends of the association and the university.

2025 Sponsored Program Dates:

Wonders of the Galápagos Islands - February 2 to 11, 2025

Village Life® Italian Lakes: A Journey In Lombardy - April 26 to May 4, 2025

Scottish Isles and Norwegian Fjords - June 4 to 12, 2025

Island Life® Greek Isles and Ephesus - August 29 to September 6, 2025

Sponsored Programs

  • Wonders of the Galápagos Islands

    Voyage of Discovery
  • Village Life® Italian Lakes

    A Journey in Lombardy
  • Scottish Isles & Norwegian Fjords

    Celtic and Viking Lands
  • Island Life®
    Greek Isles and Ephesus

    Sailing the Aegean Sea and the Turquoise Coast

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