ohagan & Company develops and operates deluxe group travel programs for America’s most prestigious museums, colleges, universities and cultural institutions.

The Company’s unique itineraries and educational components are paired with the style and comforts of the world’s finest cruise ships, trains and hotels and enhanced by world-class guides and academic experts.

Designed with the knowledge and insight provided by more than 30 years of experience, Gohagan & Company travels from the pristine wilderness of Antarctica to the unfolding mystery of China, from the Celtic Lands of Britain to the bustle of Istanbul's bazaars, from the medieval villages of France to East Africa’s game parks, from the spectacular Dalmatian Coast to Russia and the great countries of the Baltic. En route, Gohagan & Company passengers don’t just see the world, they experience it.

Ancient Kingdoms of China


May 2015

Beijingdiamond shaped space elementXi’andiamond shaped space elementChongqingdiamond shaped space elementDazu
Yangtze River Cruisediamond shaped space elementShanghai

Aboard the m.v. Victoria Anna

Mysterious China. A land whose stunning beauty forms the backdrop to a 5000-year-old civilization steeped in legend and tradition. Here, the people’s reverence for ancestral customs has been passed on through kingdoms and dynasties and preserved from one generation to the next, influencing life today as well as providing an impetus for change and a springboard for the future.

Great Wall of China


Odyssey of Ancient and Glorious Civilizations cruising the Adriatic
and Aegean Seas


June 15 to 23, 2015

Venicediamond shaped space elementDalmatian Coastdiamond shaped space elementBay of Kotordiamond shaped space elementAlbania
Corfudiamond shaped space elementCorinth Canaldiamond shaped space elementDelphidiamond shaped space elementAthens

Aboard the Exclusively Chartered Small Ship
m.s. Le Lyrial

Explore dynamic crossroads of Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Slavic civilizations and their distinctive deep-rooted cultures that have flourished for more than three thousand years. This comprehensive and exciting custom-designed Five-Star small ship itinerary takes us to the “stepping stones” on the pathway of these civilizations through five countries––ItalyCroatia, Montenegro, Greece and Albania––and to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Venice, Italy


Cultural Treasures of the Black Sea


June 2015

Istanbuldiamond shaped space elementAmasyadiamond shaped space elementSafranboludiamond shaped space elementNessebardiamond shaped space elementOdessa

A voyage aboard the Exclusively Chartered Small Ship
Five-Star m.v. Tere Moana

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore 26 centuries of culture and unique, long-standing traditions in the glorious cities and lesser-known gems of the Black Sea a land of great antiquity and mystery. From beguiling Istanbul, the historic bridge between Orient and Occident, to the seldom-visited trade-route stops in Turkey’s beautiful and mountainous countryside, to the ruins of the sixth-century B.C., Greek-founded town of Nessebar, Bulgaria, a UNESCO World Heritage site, see firsthand how the perpetual cultural exchange between East and West combines with the vibrancy of life in the emerging nations along the shores of the stunning Black Sea.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, Odessa, Ukraine


Changing Tides of History
cruising the Baltic Sea


June 2015

Denmarkdiamond shaped space elementPolanddiamond shaped space elementEstonia
St. Petersburgdiamond shaped space elementFinlanddiamond shaped space elementSweden

Aboard the Exclusively Chartered Small Ship Five-Star
m.s. Le Boréal

Encounter lands and legacies forged by centuries of Baltic history and hear firsthand from participants in pivotal 20th-century moments—former President of Poland Lech Wałęsa and Sergei Khrushchev, the son
of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.

Stockholm , Sweden

Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia


Waterways of Russia
St. Petersburgdiamond shaped space elementMoscow


July, August and September 2015

Cruising aboard the Five-Star m.s. Volga Dream

Experience the timeless pageantry and traditional folkways of Russia as revealed along the scenic rivers, lakes and canals that link St. Petersburg with Moscow. Between these two grand cultural capitals lies a countryside seemingly untouched by the modern age. Golden-domed churches rise out of the early morning mist, quaint wooden villages and old-world farms dot the verdant landscape, and the gentle light of summer evenings gives an otherworldly aura to the banks of Russia’s great “blue road” of inland waterways.

St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia


Alaska’s Glaciers And The Inside Passage


July 2015

Juneaudiamond shaped space elementSitkadiamond shaped space elementKetchikandiamond shaped space elementTracy Arm
Alaska's Magnificent Coastal Glaciers
Misty Fjordsdiamond shaped space elementPetersburgdiamond shaped space elementVancouver

A voyage aboard the Exclusively Chartered Small Ship Five-Star m.s. L’Austral

Arctic-blue glaciers, rarely observed marine life, pristine waters, towering mountains, untouched coastlines and abundant wildlife. These are the wondrous sights that will unfold around you on this comprehensive and exceptional Five-Star small ship cruise of Alaska’s glaciers and the Inside Passage, last of the great American frontiers.

Cruising Alaska's Glaciers


Cruising the Land of the Midnight Sun


July 2015

Arctic Circlediamond shaped space elementNorway’s North Cape
White Seadiamond shaped space elementLapland

Featuring the Classic Small Ship m.s. Serenissima

In the far reaches of northern Europe, Norway’s North Cape and the expansive White Sea straddle two frontiers—the physical boundary between the Arctic and the European mainland, and the cultural boundary between East and West. Here, a spectacular wonderland of Arctic mountains and soaring fjords dotted with quiet fishing villages and medieval monasteries has remained virtually untraveled for decades, due in part to the region’s vast natural barriers and the Iron Curtain that divided Europe for nearly 50 years.

North Cape, Norway


Island Life® Cuba


Spring/Fall 2015


Be among the first Americans to rediscover Cuba and the lively dignity of this historical Caribbean gem, with its friendly, welcoming and inquisitive people, who are quick to laugh and talk honestly and compassionately about their complicated and lovely country. Unravel the epic sweep of Cuba’s history during this extraordinary “people-to-people” exchange to interact with locals who will illuminate the traditions of the surviving Indian peoples; the lasting influence of Spain; the glamorous playground that drew celebrities, gangsters, movie stars, writers and heads of state; the legacy of Fidel Castro and the island’s revolutionary past; as well as its emerging and idealistic future. Explore the vivid and mesmerizing landscape, which has lodged itself into the imagination of artists, dancers and writers, infusing all aspects of the culture with a tropical energy and native zest for life.

Traditional dress, Cuba


River Life® along the Elbe River


Fall 2015

Berlindiamond shaped space elementPotsdamdiamond shaped space elementWittenbergdiamond shaped space elementLeipzig
Meissendiamond shaped space elementDresdendiamond shaped space elementPrague

Cruising aboard the exclusively chartered
m.s. Excellence Coral or m.s. Swiss Ruby
(ship varies by departure)

Come discover the true essence of life along the Elbe River, a land of incomparable treasures and timeless traditions, on this custom-designed journey through the hidden gem of the Elbe River Valley—experience the Baroque palaces of Dresden and the medieval river towns of Saxony, the captivating beauty of Bohemia and the splendid castles of Prague.

Old Town Square, Prague

Elbe River Valley

A Transpacific Voyage:
Lands and Islands of Mystery


September 2015

Aleutian Islandsdiamond shaped space elementBering Sea
Kamchatka Peninsuladiamond shaped space elementJapan's Northern Islands

Aboard the Six-Star Silversea all-Suite Small Ship
m.v. Silver Shadow

Be among the rare travelers to explore the seldom-visited ports along the water and land bridges that served as a highway of human culture connecting the East and West on this once-in-a-lifetime Transpacific Crossing to the dramatic lands, mysterious islands and historic waterways of the magnificent North Pacific. Explore the stunning wilderness and the native heritage of Alaska; cruise the rugged yet inviting Aleutian Islands on the fringe of the Bering Sea; marvel at the dynamic beauty of the remote Kamchatka Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage site; and experience the fascinating cultures and the spectacular natural wonders of Japan’s enchanting and serene Northern Islands while traveling in Six-Star accommodations and luxury.

Nijubashi Bridge with
Edo Castle, Tokyo, Japan

Holy Ascension of Our Lord Cathedral in Unalaska, Alaska, Aleutian Islands

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